This weekend marks the 18th year of the Las Vegas Ren Fair and it is an annual event for this geek. ┬áThis year marked a change in location for the Age of Chivalry and it was a marked improvement. While the previous venue, Sunset Park, was adequate, the lake in the center was actually a bit cumbersome and the parking situation was horrible. This year’s park, Silver Bowl Park, provided a much better parking situation and was far easier to navigate.

The fair itself is outstanding. I’ve been to large and small ren fairs and the Age of Chivalry boasts the best qualities of both: Like the bigger festivals it has great entertainment including live music, jesters, jugglers, jousts and gladiator battles as well as outstanding vendors great food selection and plenty to see and do. However, those bigger festivals tend to feel a bit sterile and staged. The most impressive part of Age of Chivalry, that is shares with the smaller community fairs, is the sense of community. All of the performers and fair attendees mingle and play along with one another. Almost every bit of the fair is interactive and the residence of the fair encourage all to come and swing a sword or ride a horse.

If you’ve never been to a ren fair, Age of Chivalry is the best possible introduction to the whole scene. The people are outstanding, the venue is lovely and you really can’t beat Las Vegas on a cool October night when the sound of steel hitting steel rings through the air and the smell of horse poo takes you back to a time gone by.



Age of Chivalry staff… if you read this…please consider keeping the fair at Silver Bowl Park… it was a great venue for the event.


photo courtesy of Miss Shari

Written by Cory

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