This year Las Vegas added an element of sport to its entertainment options in the Lingerie Football League’s Las Vegas Sin.

At its simplest form, this is arena football played by women in sports bras, booty shorts, shoulder pads and helmets. However, that is completely robbing the women that play in this league of the athleticism they demonstrate.  These are not anorexic-looking Victoria’s Secret models pretending to play football, these are female athletes built to deliver punishing hits and throw 40 yard bombs to receivers.

Granted, it helps that the Sin, in their inaugural season, are a bit of a Cinderella team. The beat the powerhouse Chicago Bliss in the season opener and handily put away the Las Angeles Temptation (the favorite to win it all this year) in their home opener. Watching women play football is awesome, watching them win is even better.

My only issue is that the league only plays one game a week meaning I have to wait weeks to see the Sin at home again.


The Sin play at the Orleans Arena. Their next home game is January 21, 2012.

Written by Cory

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So sad I missed the game we had plans to go see as a group. Next time! Even if that’s a long ways away thanks to their touring schedule. (Wow.)


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