I am not usually one to get all sentimental or annoyingly reflective during the Holiday Season but this year I have something rather geeky to be thankful for, and thus I am going to, well, get all sentimental (sort of).


Two years ago, a colleague of mine rolled into my room and started glancing around at the posters hanging on the walls (a copy of the full text of Macbeth, a Fellowship of the Ring poster, and other assorted geekery) before asking me if I game. Two things crossed my mind at that moment: 1) Why is this guy roaming around my room aimlessly? We’ve only ever exchanged pleasantries in the hallway and 2) should I admit that my only gaming system is a Wii?

Fortunately I was quick enough to ask “like Call of Duty?”

He looked down for a moment and said the following magical phrase: “No. Like D&D.”


Looking back now, I am almost positive Bahamut came down from the sky and kissed his cheek.


And thus, I found my local D&D group. 5 guys (with an extra two every once in a while) that meet weekly, drink beer, and pretend to fight off zombies, ghouls, and the occasional frost giant while rolling funny-sided dice.


Last week we took a break from the game (well, not really, we just met up twice instead of once) and had a nice dinner at a new Brazilian steak house, Fogo De Chao. Fogo is pretty upscale so we all dressed up and shaved for the event. It was nice to sit down and have dinner with my friends in a new atmosphere.


And what better place to eat with D&D buddies than at a Brazilian steak house? I mean, I’ve been to a few places like this before, but Fogo was by far the swankiest. As we sat and chatted about the best device to use for a home entertainment system (PS3 vs. Mac Mini vs. Xbox 360 vs. a PC) and weather or not we wanted to leave a bit early and play Castle Ravenloft, the waiters brought around amazingly well seasoned meats. We had lamb, filet mignon, chicken, strip steak and other assorted tasty morsels. One of my favorite additions to the meal was the basket of perfectly cooked bacon available at the salad bar. We also had mashed potatoes as well as polenta and caramelized bananas.  We didn’t eat very much of the non-meaty dishes, because there was so much good meat on skewers to sample.


We still drank, of course, but this time it was perfectly crafted caipirinhas. We still told mildly crass jokes. One thing I will note about Fogo is that the waitstaff was amazing. Our waitress put up with all our dorky jests and jibes and even felt my colleague’s stomach as he professed his desire to eat dessert, but inability to do so due to his “food baby.”


As I ate dinner with my friends I realized that they have become a large part of my life. I look forward to our Thursday gaming sessions as they are a time to act like, well, boys and simply enjoy the company of a few guys that share my love of geek culture.

Our meal at Fogo was provided by SK + G Advertising . However, as always, the opinions are my own. The jokes I steal from Laffy Taffy. 

Written by Cory

Just another geek using the interwebs to share his opinions on geek culture and geek life in Sin City.



I love me some Brazilian BBQ…haven’t had in a longtime. Those selections all sound delicious! If not here, I will get some BBBQ soon!


They made such a big deal about this restaurant opening, and now that the hoopla has passed, I have a strange feeling I’ll never end up going!


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